About us

Established in 2005, we are a non-profit, student-run organisation dedicated to fostering an entrepreneurial spirit and incubating ideas into startups through our events, programs and initiatives in the NIT Trichy campus and beyond.

About Campus Ambassador

An initiative dedicated to bringing like-minded students together with us and helping in nurturing an ecosystem of future thought leaders through entrepreneurship and startups vis-a-vis associations and undertakings.

Who can be a Campus Ambassador?

  • Any university student, preferably but not compulsorily involved in some kind of entrepreneurial/business-related activities.
  • Interest in fostering entrepreneurial activities for either bettering one's self or for a group as a whole.
  • Have a working knowledge and know-how of the various organisations in your college and the people that belong to them.

Responsibilities of a Campus Ambassador

Publicize the events and initiatives of E-Cell, NIT-Trichy in your institution by setting up our event posters and banners, distributing our merchandise and holding briefings to educate the students about such.

Promote E-Cell, NIT Trichy and its activities with campaigns and visibility on the trending Social Network platforms: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram, among others.

Organize events in your college with access to some of our resources and networks in association with our brand.

Lead the way for the entrepreneurial boom in your campus and become the main connection between the fledging interest group in your campus and us.

Perks for Campus Ambassador

Get Certified

Get a certificate of appreciation from The Entrepreneurship Cell, NIT-Trichy.

Network and Learn from the best

Get a chance to interact with some of the current giants in the field of business and startups from various industries and an assortment of speakers, mentors and judges from our ever-growing network.

Hone existing skills and accrue unique experiences.

Learn some unique skills to set yourself apart from your peers, such as Event Management, Sales and Social Media marketing and lead your college to new milestones in incubating ideation.

Pandora's box of knowledge awaits.

Get updates to a plethora of online opportunities and other material in a wide variety of fields spanning multiple industries exclusively for your use and curated by E-Cell, NIT Trichy.


For the best of the best, the rewards are just as fitting; interns with some of the well-known tech giants and startups in the country, which include:

  • Discounted Tickets to the some of the premier workshops and events in E-Summit, the flagship event of E-Cell, NIT Trichy.
  • Free webinar entry to top 10 performers.
  • Chance to get featured on the proposed E-Cell Annual Magazine along with self-writeup and social media handles of E-Cell, NITT.
  • Funding prospects to the CAs who have their own startups
  • Substantial cash bonuses to top 3 performers worth INR 5k.
  • Certificate of Leadership to top 5 performers from E-Cell, NITT.
  • Certificate of Appreciation from E-Cell, NITT.

Terms & Conditions

E-Cell, NIT Trichy shall send all the publicity materials to the respective colleges, but will not be liable for the extra cost incurred by the CA.

Number of CAs may vary from college to college.

The representation can be revoked at any time of the year if the CA fails to perform reasonably well.

The Certificate of Appreciation/Leadership shall be provided only on the successful completion of the complete term.

So why wait any longer?


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